Recycled material-based e-motors

Location: Turin (Italy)

eMOTOR Virtual TestBed is a European innovation project that aims to evaluate electric motors made with recycled magnets from their technical performance and considering LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of the final product, circular manufacturing processes and by embedding a Digital Twin to support AI-driven analytics.

Additionally, the testbed will incorporate motor fast redesign tools which will allow to consider the recycled part characteristics, their production processes and how the long-time performances can be affected due to the use of recycled motor parts. The testbed will evaluate KPIs of the recycled motor in holistic point of view with LCA techniques.

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Reach out to Maurizio Griva from Concept Reply, who will be happy to assist you with questions about the eMOTOR-VTB testbed.

    Testbed main goals

    • Evaluation of recycled emotor performance
    • Encouraging emotor usage with recycled parts
    • Redesigning emotor for sustainability

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