Intelligent food loss & waste monitoring for the fish canning industry

Location: Porto (Portugal)

The iFishCan testbed is a cognitive IIoT platform designed to improve the efficiency of the fish canning industry. It addresses small and medium-sized enterprises that want to reduce their food waste and their environmental impact.

iFishCan consists of a low-cost sensor network connected through an IIoT system, which collects data in real time; an advanced AI-engine coupled to a manufacturing execution system (MES) allows predicting different process indicators.

With the mobile testbed, companies can make better-informed decisions and optimise water and energy consumption. iFishCan can be easily adapted and scaled to different types of fisheries and products with a high customisation grade.

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Reach out to Idoia Olabarrieta from AZTI, who will be happy to assist you with questions about the iFishCan testbed.

    Testbed main goals

    • 10% less food loss during production
    • 5-10% less energy consumption
    • 5-20% less water consumption

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