SAIFE - Safety through AI vision

Reduction of forklift accidents on European shopfloors

Locations: Wolfsburg & Braunschweig (Germany), Murcia
(Spain), Twente (Netherlands), Senieji Traikai (Lithuania)

SAIFE stands for "safety testbeds through AI for food production environment" and focuses on reducing the numbers of forklift accidents on European shopfloors.

The goal is to provide forklift drivers with real-time information about moving persons on the shopfloor in order to prevent accidents. This intelligent system works via visual sensors complemented by an AI software and tablets on the forklifts. 

In a primary implementation, six testbeds have been installed in the food industry in real production environments across Europe. This includes also one mobile testbed to be rented out!

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    Testbed main goals

    • Reducing accidents with forklifts on the shopfloor
    • Enhancing circular economy
    • Less food loss and food waste
    • Improving supply chain efficiency and effectiveness

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