EIT Community Testbeds

Take your solution to the next level!

Do you have a solution that you want to deploy and test in a controlled experimental environment?

Then our EIT Community testbed initiative is the perfect option for you! All over Europe, we create places where you can collaborate with start-ups, scale-ups, industry partners, researchers and institutes in a creative and innovative environment. 

Our various testbeds replicate real-world conditions.

As a mirror of real-life manufacturing sites, they are a great opportunity to test your products and digital services. 

About EIT Community

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has been strengthening Europe’s capacity to innovate since 2008. With a network of 3,000 partners and over 60 innovation hubs spanning the continent, the EIT is the largest innovation ecosystem of its kind. The EIT Community Testbeds initiative was launched to make digital solutions more accessible.

What is a testbed?

A testbed is a controlled experimentation platform, in which solutions can be deployed and tested in an environment that replicates real-world conditions. Its goal is to create growth opportunities for new products, services or business development.

The instalment of hardware components (e.g. process machines or logistics equipment) allows improving the efficiency of the depicted processes by applying digital solutions. These might include artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, virtual and/or augmented reality functionality, blockchain integration, 5G connectivity and others. 

Latest news

Quotes from project partners 

"Thanks to EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) we had the opportunity to start a research and business project dedicated to the issues of recycling and sustainability. The developed testbed allows the redesign of an electric motor with recycled magnets and the evaluation of its performance. The implementation of this innovative digital solution allows companies to evaluate the use of electric motors with recycled parts in their business, fostering a competitive and eco-sustainability advantage."

Maurizio Griva
Innovation Manager at Concept Reply

"Thanks to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, we were able to provide an Industry 4.0 testbed which offers the service of the required infrastructure and knowledge for developing, testing and validating digital and advanced manufacturing solutions and IoT in a safe and cost-effective approach for companies without requiring any significant capital investment, addressing food waste loss and other environmental indicators in the food manufacturing industry."

Kosmas Alexopoulos
Research Engineer at LMS

"Thanks to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, we were able to make the food industry safer in the future through the synergies of the Knowledge and Innovation Community partners"

Sebastian Bienia
System developer in the SAIFE project

"Thanks to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, we were able to build a strongly multidisciplinary team, formed by several start-ups and research and development centres from different Knowledge and Innovation Communities, which was capable of conceptualising and implementing an innovative technological solution addressing the food waste and loss as well as other environmental indicators in the food manufacturing industry."

Idoia Olabarrieta Paul
Senior Researcher at AZTI

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