330 exhibitors, 95 conferences and panel sessions, over 270 speakers and more than 12,000 visitors – these are the impressive numbers of the IOT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC), which took place from 10 to 12 May in Barcelona.

The international event was jointly held with the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress and the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE).

Right in the middle of exciting debates and knowledge exchange, our digitalised end-to-end production testbed iFishCan was presented in a dedicated Testbed Area.

Impressions from IOT Solutions World Congress (#IOTSWC) 2022

Our project partners from AZTIAI TalentumFlow Technology and INESC TECH informed the visitors about the mobile testbed and how companies of the canning industry can monitor their food loss and waste, optimise their water and energy consumption as well as how this data can be included in a predictive investment model for digital transformation.

“The sixth edition of the IOTSWC was a great platform to introduce our digitalised production testbed”, says Idoia Olabarrieta, Senior Researcher at AZTI and coordinator of the iFishCan project. “The positive feedback of our meeting partners confirms that our innovative technological solution addresses an important challenge in the food manufacturing industry.”

Canning industry in the spotlight

Focusing on improving the efficiency of the fish canning industry, the iFishCan testbed addresses small and medium-sized enterprises that want to reduce their food waste and their environmental impact. It consists of a low low-cost sensor network connected through an IIoT system, which collects data in real time; an advanced AI-engine coupled to a manufacturing execution system (MES) allows predicting different process indicators.